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If your company delivers an outstanding service that no-one knows about, then it is time to boost your visibility. This option is for companies with established sales teams who have a solid understanding of their target market. 

What we do: We search public databases for B2B email addresses that fit your ideal customer criteria. This includes list sourcing, cleaning and verification with 99% deliverability. 

You can customize your lead list with the following search criteria:

  • Industry (Information Technology, Insurance, Logistics, etc)

  • Keyword (Cybersecurity, Group Cover, Transportation Services, ect)

  • Location (City, Country)

  • Company size (# of employees)

  • Job Title (CEO, Sales Manager, Business Development Rep, etc)

What you get: A verified, up-to-date lead list of prospects that fit your Ideal Customer Profile. All lists include prospect names, job titles, location, company name, size and website along with their email addresses that you can contact with 99% deliverability. 



Generating quality leads requires a thorough understanding of your clients and the problems that your service solves for them. That is why our Growth service not only generates leads for your business; we survey your existing customers to find common characteristics and learn how your service adds value to their business. This ensures the prospects we provide are qualified, timely and exclusive.


What we do: Cold email outreach to generate interest, establish connections and communicate your company’s value proposition to prospective customers. 

This includes:

  • Go-to-market research:

    • We will survey your existing clients. Gathering insights on demographics, product usage, pain points, aspirations, and business statistics. 

    • We will sort the replies by customers you like the most, spend the most, and stay the longest. Focusing on the top 20% in terms of Lifetime Value.

    • Using the data we gathered, we look for the fewest qualifying characteristics they all have in common. This will shape our Avatar, the hypothetical ideal client that we are looking for.

    • We now have the information we need to build a new, focused outbound system. All marketing will now speak to our new avatar and be upfront with customer requirements. This will repel the bad customers and attract the good ones.

  • 7x Web domains

  • 13x Email accounts

  • Lead sourcing and verification

  • Outbound engine setup

  • Copywriting

  • Sorting interested/uninterested responses

  • 2,000 Leads per month

  • 6,000 emails per month

  • Driving thousands of impressions to your company website.


What you get: Approximately 60 prospects per month who have expressed interest in your business’s value proposition.

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Growth Plus

With Growth Plus, we go the extra mile. Instead of just providing you with interested prospects, we will convert them to booked business meetings via your preferred hosting service (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet). Additionally, we will document 3 case studies and gather 3 more testimonials from your previous customers while we conduct our surveys in the initial 'Market Research' phase.


What we do: Generate interest among prospective customers using cold email. Our Sales Development Representative will nurture the prospects on your behalf, answer their questions and ultimately book a meeting between them and your sales team.


  • Everything in our Growth plan

  • A full time Sales Development Rep

  • Reminders & follow up sequences to maximize attendance.

  • 3 written case studies from your previous customers that showcase the positive impact your service has had on their company.

  • 3 written testimonials from your previous customers that can be used throughout your website and marketing.`


What you get: Approximately 20 booked business meeting with interested prospects. 3 Written case studies. 3 Written testimonials.

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